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Services Provided
Circuit Design
Walker Power Design, Inc. has developed many novel and unusual circuits as evidenced by patents that have been awarded and papers that have been published. Since most work is confidential to the customer, only a small percentage is published.
Magnetics Design
Magnetics Designer software is often used as a starting point in the design of transfomers and inductors.
Where appropriate, P-Spice can be used to simulate a new concept or to aid in analyzing a problem.
Drawing from experience, mathematical, simulation and other methods as appropriate may be used depending on the nature of the issue to be analyzed.
Schematic Entry
Can be in Orcad or Protel. This includes the generation of any new symbols and assignment of footprints for board layout. Upon completion, a bill of material and a netlist are generated.
PWB Layout
This also can be in Orcad or Protel. Gerber files for the fabrication of printed wiring boards are generated.
Circuit boards and components can be procured, assembled, and any problems diagnosed and resolved.
No two problems are alike and Walker Power Design has diagnosed and solved a wide variety of problems. Solved problems have included: high failure rate in a military power supply, noise from a servo getting into instrumentation, and current measurement drift with temperaure.
Reliability Prediction
Reliability prediction in accordance with MIL-HDBK 217 is performed using MathCad
Expert Witness
Experience includes consulting, being deposed, testifying at trial


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Last modified: September 28, 2004