Experienced Consulting in Power Electronics



Pico  model 5203 works through computer so that waveforms can be stored and sent to client


Dino Lite  also works through computer so that images can be stored and sent to client

Digital Voltmeters

Several models from precision laboratory to handheld 

Soldering equipment

2 production type soldering irons, desoldering station, hot air soldering / desoldering station, tweezer desoldering tool, soldering guns

Thermal Imaging Camera

Therm-App TH high resolution thermal imaging camera works through a cell phone and from there to the computer.  Images can be stored and sent to client.  One use, of course, is in verifying the thermal performance of a product.  It is also quite useful in quickly finding failed components or parts on the verge of failure.

Isolation Transformer, 2kW

The isolation transformer is often needed in working with line powered equipment to separate its signal common (ground) from the facility ground.  This can be done for safety as well as an aid to making measurements.


I have several variable autotransformers which can be used to vary the input line voltage on line input power supplies.